Why choose me?

I counted in recent weeks some 50 consultants on LinkedIn who offered consultancy, growth, strategy-type services to law firms.

However, I believe I stand out in that crowded marketplace for the reasons set out below.

My belief is that these should give you comfort when engaging with me, and should give you comfort too when it comes to my working with your firm and your people. You can truly say to them that the consultant you have engaged is “the Real McCoy”.

1. I am utterly discrete – even about the very fact that we are talking or working together.
2. I have been working on law firm strategy, growth, structures, finances, people, marketing etc, for 30 years – that’s an awful lot of experience
3. Ten or so of those years were at the highly successful Pannone law firm in Manchester which grew to £50m turnover. Another ten or so of those years were at Darbys, where I was the Managing Partner who led our climb from a very difficult “Credit Crunch” to become the UK’s fastest-growing law firm. My experience as a law firm owner, part of Management, and then as Managing Partner, has not been in pedestrian firms, to put it mildly.
4. As a Team Leader of multiple teams, some way outside my own legal expertise, I cultivated huge growth – so much so that I was singled out for special “thank you” by my Equity Partners for having achieved so much across multiple teams
5. Within my Marketing and Business Development roles, I generated literally £millions in fees across abroad range of legal teams – every year.
6. Since launching my Management Consultancy work with law firms, I have seen “under the bonnet” at very close quarters in many, many law firms.
7. The results in my work with law firms have been amazing, on a range of levels. Where recruitment had been impossible, it became possible. Where retention was a problem, that problem went away. Where profit was sparse, it increased. Glass ceilings have been smashed. Records have been smashed. Destinies have been changed.
8. For the above reasons, and in light of the client feedback on this site, you can be confident that your people will buy into our work together. That is vital.
9. It also all means that the chances of our work together succeeding, are high
10. I practise what I preach. I offer a Service Pledge so you know what you are going to get, and I deliver on it, every time.
11. For me, it’s a question of destiny. I do not aim to secure “flash in the pan” results or changes. I want to change the destiny of your firm, and of everyone in it
12. I am a great believer in “knowledge transfer”. My aim is always to develop your people, to leave them better placed to deal with issues and to carry on the growth in your business. You’re not just buying in external knowledge – I make it a learning experience for your people so you are better-placed going forward. Otherwise, how are you and your people going to learn and develop?
13. I focus on your people. I have done most of their jobs. I talk their language. I have spent thousands of hours talking with their peers at other firms. As an outsider, dealing positively and credibly with the complex mix of people that you find in any law firm is a real challenge. I do just that though – giving every person time and space to develop and respond. This is where the real magic happens. I have worked and engaged with thousands of people at a wide array of law firms. This is the experience that unlocks opportunities and which lights fires.
14. I don’t believe in bringing change on top of change – lasting success comes from adhering to the pillars of my model. I aim to have you all do less, better. It’s good for business, and better for well-being, too.
15. I don’t just advise you on what to do. I help you with implementation. Change therefore happens, it doesn’t just get kicked around and then into the long grass.
16. In doing so, I am able to bring together disparate views within a partnership or firm together, to convert previously fractious situations into boats where everyone is rowing hard and in the same direction
17. It’s not just what I know, it’s who I know – and what they’ll do for me and “my” firms. I have brought in other professionals and legal sector contacts on multiple occasions and they have helped me and “my” firms to work miracles.
18. I always go the extra mile – your success is central to everything I do. I remain involved after our work to ensure you have all that you need and to ensure things stay on the rails.