The McCrum Academy

Training & Coaching Modules

I offer specialist, focused, high-value and high-impact training and coaching in all the areas that are key to securing sustained high performance and growth in a legal business.

The modules, audiences, pricing, and methods of delivery are infinitely flexible to suit your firm and your needs, and they are always tailored to your firm, your people, your work-types, and your marketplaces : one size never fits all. In addition to everything I offer under the “Management Consultancy” menu, I offer the following via my Academy:

Aimed at :Modules available include :
Managing Partner / CEOOngoing support, coaching, challenging, and mentoring
Future CEO / Managing PartnersPeople assuming "the hot seat" aren't always prepared sufficiently for it. I help to get them ready - very ready.
Team LeadersTeam Leaders are, in my book (literally!), the key to the sustained success of a law firm. They need to run and lead their teams as a driven business that generates a growing Gross Margin to the centre of the business. This course helps them to do just that.
Partners"Partner" is not just a title. "Partner" means someone who protects and actively grows the business. They are more than mere fee-earners. This course maximises their contribution to the business (individually and as a team) as well as their own personal, business, and professional development
Future PartnersWe can't just assume everyone heading towards partnership knows what the role entails. This course ensures they know and that they deliver.
Aspirant groups such as Associates and Senior AssociatesGroups of high-performing professionals on an upward trajectory need to be harnessed by the business, individually and collectively, and need to be made ever-greater for the benefit of the business. These modules educate and challenge the various group members, they develop team work, and they focus the considerable energies of your exceptional people.
All fee-earnersAs well as the skills and personal development mentioned covered in the above modules, the consistent and high performance of your fee-earners across the board is "the needle on the record". The business performance of the whole will not increase if you are not making maximum money - every lawyer, every case. These inspiring and fun modules bring the hourly and daily behaviours and choices of fee-earners into sharp focus and enable a firm to generate significant top-line increases which drop straight down to the bottom line. Your fee-earners will far better understand the business of law and their ability to immediately impact upon it.