We didn’t want this to be a book that just the CEO bought and kept on his or her shelf. This is a book for all the people in a law firm, so to hopefully make the book available to as many people in as many law firms as possible, we have priced the book at just £18, plus postage.

For a brief description of the book please see below.

What the book is about?

This book looks at the pieces of jigsaw that make up The Perfect Legal Business. These pieces need to join together and work together. When they do, they make a legal business profitable, successful, transformative, fun, and generally unstoppable. They make up a business that changes the lives of its people, its clients, and its owners. They generate, passion, profit, and pride.

The pieces are simple, and you probably know them all already. They are honest, easy to understand, and good and fair in every way. They ensure that a law firm does what a law firm should do – change the lives of its clients for the better. And they ensure that it does what a business should do – generate sustained profit, cash, and value, by way of business efficiency, teamwork, differentiators, and a competitive edge.

They make a firm where clients and talent queue to come in, and where a great service is delivered - every lawyer, every time. The firm makes maximum profit on every case. Every team sees increases in profit. Maximum care is extended to every client. Maximum value is generated. The firm has stand-out differentiators in its local, regional, national, or international marketplace.

Who should read it?

This is a book that everyone who works in a legal business should read. Absolutely everyone has a part to play in building The Perfect Legal Business - whatever level they are at, whether they are young or old, and regardless of whether they are on the fee-earning side or the Business Support side of the firm. All these people enjoy the privilege of being in an organisation to which people, families or business turn to when they need help. The book is written with a passionate sense of responsibility over the role and importance of law firms and lawyers in society.

The book looks at the roles and responsibilities of the various people and groups within law firms – CEO, owners, partners, senior lawyers, junior lawyers, everyone in Business Support. Everyone in a law firm should have their own copy of it.


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