Whilst “The Perfect Legal Business” looks at things from a “whole-firm” perspective, in this book Simon takes the same principles and looks at their application to individual lawyers in a law firm. There is obviously a huge overlap with the first book, but this second book serves as a “manual” for law firms and individual lawyers to use as they work together to enhance the position of clients, the business, and everyone in it.

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Please note – this book uses all the material and all the themes that are in “The Perfect Legal Business” though this time from the perspective of individual lawyers. If you have read that book, you will get only limited benefit by buying and reading this book.

What the book is about?

It’s one thing to talk about what makes “The Perfect Legal Business”. But to fully understand how we get to that nirvana, we need to look at the role of individual lawyers in the firm and what is required of them. Without their buy-in and without them changing the way they do things – that is, without them becoming “The Perfect Lawyer” - the firm-wide hard and soft rewards that are available will never be realised.

However, The Perfect Legal Business is not a collection of individuals, even individuals doing things a new way. And whilst teamwork between the individuals will help to move things in the right direction, even that is not enough. To really grasp the trophy that is readily available (which is accompanied by the prizes of client satisfaction, profit and cash, and personal development) there needs to be two other things.

First, there needs to be a partnership between the firm and its people – a joint enterprise where everyone is on the same side. For the legal business to be perfect, it needs perfect lawyers. For there to be perfect lawyers, the legal business needs to be perfect. You’re all in this together. And second, there needs to be an honest appraisal of the firm and the team, and of the collective ability to achieve change. You can change the way you pursue change.

Lawyers might weigh up whether they are perfect lawyers by looking at the results they get in their cases for their clients. There is much, much more to it than that. The “clients and cases” aspect is but the first part of this book – the second part of the book looks at what makes the perfect lawyer from the perspective of the firm they work in. That is a very different - and sometimes opposing – viewpoint to that of clients.

Who should read it?

If you have read “The Perfect Legal Business”, the main business principles covered in “The Perfect Lawyer” will already be familiar to you. This book goes further though in that it drills into what clients want from a lawyer on the one hand, and what the business wants on the other. It identifies the need for teamwork between the lawyers and the firm – neither can look to the other to do all that is needed. For all these reasons, this book should be read by any lawyer who cares about their clients, and any lawyer who wants to progress within a law firm environment where professional and financial performance is a requisite for career progression.
The book looks at the roles and responsibilities of the various people and groups within law firms – CEO, owners, partners, senior lawyers, junior lawyers, everyone in Business Support. Everyone in a law firm should have their own copy of it.


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