Managment Consultancy

No list that I could draw up could capture the many, many ways that law firms have enlisted my help, experience and expertise. My main areas of work are set out below. See also the Training that is available via The McCrum Academy for the various tiers and groups within your firm. The Management Consultancy support I can offer is so broad and law firms’ needs are so wide and unpredictable, that I simply I invite you to call me to talk through anything you are going through or if you feel that external input might be beneficial.
What I offer Details
Opportunity/issue appraisalI am able to drill into scenarios and advise as to tactics and solutions
NED roleI can work with you each month to examine your data and your trends, to sense-check your priorities, and to challenge/validate/improve your thinking and your plans
Partner RetreatI help you to get all your partners together to bring focus, energy, and team work
Staff conferencesIf you want a high-profile motivational speaker to energise your people, I do this, I am told, successfully and effectively.
Full Business ReviewI carry out a full review of your business, talk with all your key people, and present a report to you on what I would do in all areas if I were you.
Team ReviewAs above, but in relation to a particular team or work-type or office. (See also Team Leader Training in The McCrum Academy).
Marketing reviewI examine your worktypes, clients, marketplaces, and your current marketing, and I advise on positioning, branding, differentiators, and marketing tactics.
BD BoostI personally brought into my firms many £millions in fees from my BD work - every year. I share that expertise and experience with fee-earners, or with particular groups up to and including partners.
DifferentiatorsMost law firms have none. I help you identify, polish, strengthen and articulate existing differentiators, and to engineer (and deliver on) new ones.
Making maximum money on every fileIf every lawyer made maximum money on every file, imagine the difference. I look at team structures, pricing, maximising time recording and realisation rates, improving teamwork and delegation, and I work with you and your fee-earners to improve all areas so that profitability in every team can improve.
Getting more work from your existing clientsMost clients bounce off a firm. I can help you ensure that they come in, stay in, use you every time they need a lawyer, and that they join your Sales team "out there"
Proactive extension of care to your clientsTaking the above even further, you don't have to wait for the phone to ring. You can extend proactive care to clients using the tools and tactics I have developed. It's a "win" for clients and it's a "win" for you.
Key Account ManagementSome clients have untold amounts of legal work that they outsource to a range or panel of law firms. I saw huge success in situations where small providers of work came to see us as their partners and first port of call for all areas of work.
Employer Brand review Keeping good people, attracting good people, and making them all great and greater is the badge of a continually successful, legal business. I examine and challenge all that you are currently doing and can guide you towards a strengthening of your current position. This encapsulates tailored career structures, people development programmes, appraisal systems, wellbeing protection, and reward structures.
Management booster sessionsI believe that Leaders and Management Teams benefit from external input, challenge, and guidance. Sometimes you can't see the wood for the trees. Sometimes you need validation and re-energising and refocusing.
HelplineMany law firm leaders, Management Teams, and Middle Management Teams welcome being able to pick the phone up to someone who has seen it all and who has solved it all.
MentoringAny business leader - and anyone moving towards any level of leadership or management role in a law firm - will benefit from ongoing mentoring from someone who has "been there".
Non-Executive DirectorThe value of an independent industry expert who examines the business, its direction, and its performance on an ongoing basis is universally recognized.
Team Business Booster programmeIn addition to examining a team and its business and advising on clear, practical ways of giving the business a boost, I also work with teams and Team Leaders to drive implementation, bringing better results, faster. My aim is to enable them to carry on along the same trajectory without me.
Full 6-month PLB ProgrammeThis is the destiny-changing stuff. By this programme, virtually everything set out above is included in my work with a law firm. It all happens without interruption and in a smooth way. I stay involved throughout a 6-month period to actively push things and to get everyone rowing hard and happily in the same, good direction.