Curriculum Vitae

1988 to 1990


Trainee Solicitor
Multiple seats as a fee-earner

Pannone Solicitors

1990 to 1991


Commercial Litigation Solicitor

Pannone Solicitors

1991 to 1994


Commercial Litigation Solicitor


1994 to 1995

Mixed fee-earning and BD/Marketing role

Peter Rickson & Partners

1995 to 2007

Solely BD
Team Leader – various
Director of BD
Marketing Partner
Management Team

I started back at Pannone with a mixed fee-earning and BD role. The BD results led to me giving up fee-earning altogether. I brought in £m’s in fees every year across all teams – from new clients and by countless examples of turning small existing clients into big clients. During this time I launched and grew the Connect2Law referral and support network of law firms which became national and hugely successful. I became Team Leader of one team, and then another, and then another – all successfully – and was part of the Management Team of the 1000 people, £50m turnover firm.

Pannone Solicitors

2007 to 2016


Managing Partner

I joined Darbys as an Equity Partner and Managing Partner. The Credit Crunch was just starting. The firm was in a “turnaround” situation. We turned it around. In due course it became the UK’s fastest-growing law firm. In 2016 the firm was acquired by Knights.

Darbys Solicitors



Client Relationships Partner

My firm having been acquired by Knights, ahead of launching my legal consulting business, I spent about a year with Knights.




Legal sector Management Consultant

Since launching my consulting business for law firms, I have worked with a huge number of law firms to help them replicate the growth I had seen at Darbys and to help them to seize opportunities and address challenges that they face.




At the outbreak of COVID, I published the universally acclaimed weekly “Law Firms in Lockdown” reports, by which law firms across the country shared experiences and advice, thus helping other firms to cope with the emergency situations they faced.

2020 to 2023



Pulling together all the lessons learned in all of the above roles, I have developed an overarching model for sustained business success for law firms which I call “The Perfect Legal Business”. That was the title of my first book, and the second book followed after that – “The Perfect Lawyer”. My third book, “The Perfect Partner”, is in production now.